Our Guarantee

Our aim is to bring you the best in murder mystery entertainment.  Our kits are designed to be part scripted / part improv – allowing your guests to make as much or as little of their roles as they like.

The downloadable kits are designed to print single sided (as most home owners don’t have a printer that prints double sided).  However double sided print copies are available on request – just get in touch to request yours.

The advantage of the single sided print format as that you don’t need to print to play.  Simply email all your guests the booklet file and direct them to scroll on their tablet/ipad to their character booklet and then work through the pages as they play.

We offer a simple no fun = no fee guarantee.  If you didn’t enjoy your party please just come back to us for a full refund.

As our games are written, designed , edited and formatted in house, and printed and hand assembled – just occasionally an error will creep in.  If you find one – please report it so we can either fix it for you – or if we can’t do that in time – fix it for the next player.