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T’was a Death Before Christmas – Deluxe boxed set with DVD



Each of our Deluxe Boxed murder mystery games has been hand assembled, is provided in full colour print and and contains the following:

  • Invitations and envelopes for all the guests
  • Character booklet for each guest
  • DVD, CD and script for the inspector (which means you can invite an extra guest and as host play the inspector yourself if you prefer)
  • Instructions (also on the DVD)
  • Making the most of your theme and recipe suggestions
  • Place settings for each guest
  • Name labels for each guest

The games are packaged in an evidence box for extra effect.  This is a 10 player boxed set.


This year the carol singers descend on Mid-Trimming Manor, owned by the wealthy miser, Bob Scratchitt after their annual wassailing only to find him dead in his own lounge!

So much for being a season of goodwill and glad tidings; this Christmas it looks as though someone had some very ill will indeed! The question is: who?


Carole Singer – Retired Headmistress
Bookish, with half moon specs and drab clothing, Carole Singer has a stern countenance and perfect pitch.

Jacques Frost – Butcher
Straight from work, still in his blue striped apron or white coat, Jacques is burly, cheery and friendly and throws himself into any party.

Holly Reath – Postmistress
Decked out in festive colours and Santa hat, Holly is not as prickly a character as you might expect, though she does love to poke her nose in where she isn’t wanted.

Declan Halls – Baker
A friend to all, Declan finished work early this afternoon and has come in his winter woollies prepared to eat, drink and be merry.

Gaye Buntin – Newspaper shop owner
Fond of bling and bright colours, Gaye just loves Christmas and really gets into the festive spirit with flashing earrings and reindeer antler headgear.

Chris Tingle – Grocer
Always armed with seasonal fruit as gifts, Chris Tingle is fond of Arran sweaters.

Silvia Bells – Chair of the local Amateur Dramatics SocietyLarger than life and twice as glittery, Silvia is a thwarted actress, with class, darlings.

Noel Nowell – Scout leader
Dressed in khaki, with neckerchief and woggle, Noel takes his scout leadership very, very seriously and is never off duty.

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